One of the fastest thriving communities in the US is the Strand – This strand of beach runs from the southernmost tip of North Carolina down to the Winyah Bay area of South Carolina. All these cities are built near the pine bluffs and high water table in from the coast and offer a wonderful beach walks and beautiful picturesque vistas for houses and hotels. This is undoubtedly a great place to start a business. Below are the top 5 businesses in Myrtle Beach.

Hotels and Resorts

Myrtle Beach SC is one of the exciting spots in the world that promises a great retreat, vacation, or trip to tourist, which is one of its kinds in the world. It offers profound laidback lifestyle on a platter to the visitor. Situated on sixty miles of some of the most stunning beaches in the world, here is where you’ll find a lot of hotels and resort situated along the beach.

Tour Firms

Myrtle Beach provides some of the best and most diverse attractions of any vacation spot anywhere on the East Coast. And that’s why so countless people flock here during the summer. The spring and fall are also full, but not necessarily for the attractions, but the legendary golf. But, aside from the Atlantic Ocean and the golf courses, there are also other top attractions such as Ripley’s Aquarium at Broadway, The Carolina Opry, to name a few. As a result, you’ll find various tour firms each offering something different to their clients.

Car Rental Companies

Myrtle Beach is a popular travel location along the Eastern Seaboard. Tourist peak is mostly during winter and spring break. Since it has an International airport, there are several international flights from cities across the world. The airport is situated just three miles SE of the central business district, so you’ll quickly be able to make it to your hotel via shuttle, taxi, or car rental. Furthermore, if the tourist wants to tour the city by car, they always turn to car rental companies to help them out.

Restaurants and Bars

This beach attracts both the locals and international tourist. With a perfect view of the ocean, some of the best bars and restaurants are located there. You can grab a drink at one of the bars, chill and enjoy the view. This is also an excellent spot to hang out after a day at the beach for live music, gambling, dancing, and many other forms of entertainment. Or stop at many of the restaurants all along the way the beach sampling different foods.

Real Estate

According to surveys conducted of the best towns to live in the United States, this city is always placed in the top five. It has a stable tax base which manages the city infrastructure developing and well maintained. With an average tourist influx of over 14 million guests yearly, there’s been a construction increase, both for people needing to render rental condos and timeshares to visitors and for people looking to buy summer homes.


This picturesque area is surrounded by top attractions, such as championship golf course, dinner shows, amusement parks, live theatres, water parks, shopping malls, sports or entertainment complex. These are areas where an investor can come and invest at in Myrtle Beach.