Myrtle Beach is a soft sandy beach which is located in South Carolina. Due to the magnificent view of the beach and the subtropical climate this region as encouraged development of various businesses around the area. The top 3 business locations in Myrtle Beach include;

1. Waccamaw distribution center

This is a perfect location if you want an easily accessible and already available space. This distribution center was built in 1985. The location contains lots of space, among other features. Some of the building deals for Waccamaw distribution center include:

• The total building area is 208,741 SF
• Total coverage is 12
• Expandable to 340,000 SF
• Column spacing is 30’ by 55’
• Stab thickness is 6”
• Roof and wall are made of metal

Both the water system and the wastewater system of the place are provided by GS water and sewer authority, and the diameter of the line is 8”.The telecommunication of the place is provided by Frontier communication and Horry telephone cooperative. On the other hand, electricity is provided by Santee Cooper while natural gas is provided by SCE&G with a diameter line of 4”.

When it comes to transportation the place is well located with the nearest port been at Georgetown (38 miles)port and Charleston(96 miles) port. The area is 4 miles to Myrtle Beach international airport, and one can use George Bishop Pkwy for road transportation. Right now the available area is 340,000 SF, and the minimum area is 10,000 SF with an office area of about 3,000 SF.

2. Lori industrial park

The location is suitable for light industrial use. The site is highly equipped with basic amenities such as telecommunication, water, electricity, and sewer. The site details include:

• A total site acreage of 100
• The property elevation range of 98’ to 111’
• The soil type is sandy loam soil

Water and wastewater systems are provided by GS water and sewer authority with a 10” portable water line and a 3” sewer line. Telecommunications are provided by Horry county telephone. Also, optic fiber and cable are available. Santee Cooper provides the electricity to this area. When it comes to transportation, the area is 59 miles to Georgetown and 116 miles to Charleston port. It is also 35 miles to Myrtle Beach international airport. Other companies are near the area including Accent stainless steel, Carolina food service, Horry county state bank, Integra fabrics, and builders first source.

3. Myrtle Beach international technology & Aerospace Park

This area is located on the southeast side of the aviation corridor. The available acreage is 460, which the minimum acreage been 12. Some of the site deals include:

• An elevation range of 13’ to 27’
• The soil type is fine sandy loam

Water is provided by GS water and Sewer Authority with a 10” line diameter while the wastewater system is provided by City of Myrtle Beach using a line of 8” diameter. Both providers of water and wastewater are on site. Communications are provided by Frontier communication and Horry Telephone cooperation. Both cable and fiber optic is also available.

When it comes to transportation, the area is just 5 miles from Myrtle Beach international airport and 91 miles to Charleston port and 34 miles to Georgetown port. There are other aviation companies near the area, such as Honeywell, Lockheed, Boeing, and Martin.