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Do you rely on only one or two paid traffic sources for your ECOM store?

Are you looking to target customers from other places on the internet?

We can help you get access to new traffic sources and allow you to grow your eCommerce business.

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Our Services

We are dedicated to increasing the number of visitors to your eCommerce store to increase the number of sales you get.

Search Engine Optimization

Make sure your Brand, Categories and Products are getting enough exposure in the search Engines. This drives more buyers and increases sales.

Content Optimization

The content of your landing pages are critical to both increasing your relevance to search engines and getting potential customer so buy your services.

On Page Optimization

Its not just about the words on your pages. You also need to ensure your pages and metadata are well structured to improve your search engine rankings.

SEO Consulting

Already have a team working on your website? We can work with them to guide them on current best practices and drive more traffic to your store.

Data Analysis

If you are looking for guidance on making changes to your store yourself, we can audit your website and analytics data to give you the key data you need.

SEO Strategy

As well as complete Done For You packages, we can work with you to define a traffic strategy specifically for your ecommerce store and niche.

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

We have been working with Shopify and Woocommerce stores for the past few years. Our mission is to provide store owners like you an additional source of buying traffic.

We combine industry best SEO practices with our obsessive, geeky data analysis techniques to develop search traffic tactics specific for your eCommerce store.

Answers to Your Questions

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of getting more traffic from the search engines, without buying adverts. Although there is no direct cost associated with ‘clicks’ from SEO, many companies pay experts to help them with their optimisation.

Why SEO for eCommerce?

SEO provides an excellent source of traffic for eCommerce stores and is often overlooked in favour of paid advertising on sites such as Facebook and Google.

This could provide you an excellent edge on your competitors.

How much does SEO cost?

This depends on the scale and nature of the services you require. A huge eCommerce store with 1000s of products that has not been optimised before would cost more than a smaller store that was set-up well from the start.

You can expect to pay £500 for a basic service up to £10,000+ for large, complex projects.

How do I Find out More?

You can contact us directly using the contact form, although if you are serious about finding out what we can do for your eCommerce store, please complete our Enquiry form.

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