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About Applewood SEO

Applewood SEO is an inbound marketing company that specialises in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). That’s right. We are a marketing company first and see SEO as just a tool we use to get our clients results.
What is the difference? We start with your business goals first to understand what you want and need. Who the best visitors are for your business.
We then research the best search phrases (keywords) to connect those visitors to your website.
The rest is then the geeky, technical SEO work. Well, almost the rest.
We come from a management background (Mark, our founder, is a member of the Chartered Management Institute…). So we track key metrics and use this data to monitor progress.
This allows us to keep the SEO plan dynamic and focused on getting your business results.

Mark Wilson

Founder and Director of Traffic

Mark first started working with websites in 1997, before Google was a thing. And yes, this statement makes him feel old, especially as he was already well into his twenties by then.
His first foray into digital and online marketing was in early 2007 when he came across a thing called Twitter. It seemed like a good way to share his blog posts (and another way to tell people what he had for dinner…nom nom).
This started a journey into learning everything he could about SEO and SMM. By 2010, Mark had over 4,000 customers for his photography side-business. All obtained from social media and organic search.
Mark also spent over 20 years working in software development and delivery (his ‘other’ job). The majority of this was spent managing projects, people and companies.
Along the way he became a full member of the Chartered Management Institute and picked up some management qualifications.
In January 2016 Mark decided to make online marketing his main focus. Applewood SEO is where he channels his search engine energy.

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More on why Businesses need SEO

SEO which stands for search engine optimization refers to techniques, strategies, and tactics which help websites rank higher in the organic search engine results by making the sites more visible to online users, particularly those who’re looking for a specific product, service or brand through the search engines. SEO can greatly benefit business owners by immensely improving their revenue in the long run. Search engine optimization can help boost online presence, popularity, and click-through-rate, and through this, businesses can enjoy a significant growth when they invest in SEO. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of SEO to business owners;

First of all, you should know that SEO helps business owners get faster, smoother, and more user-friendly websites. Well, although there are some people who are still clinging onto the old definition of search engine optimization, thinking that SEO only involves optimizing for search engines, however, nowadays, SEO is also about enhancing user experience. When you have a well structured, clean, organized and uncluttered website, it compels even the casual visitors to stay much longer, thus decreasing the bounce rate and increasing your page views. Similarly, having relevant content will help keep your readers/visitors happy as they’re more likely to find answers to their questions and pressing issues, and can help them find what they are looking for on your website. In other words, On-page SEO when done right, makes the users happy, which makes the search engines happy as they like serving high-quality information to the users.

Also, since SEO leads to optimized websites which load faster and are user-friendly, your website will be compatible with a wide range of devices including mobile phones and tablets; this will most certainly help bring in more customers. The internet/web is a global marketplace with more than 3 billion people online; this creates a virtually limitless reserve of potential customers. With proper SEO, your business can adjust its’ campaign to target these users. This is why businesses that have SEO optimized sites tend to bring in more customers/clients and grow almost twice as fast as the businesses that don’t have SEO optimized sites. If you are willing to invest in SEO, it will certainly help bring the targeted traffic to your site, and eventually a lot more customers to your business, than any other type of marketing tactic or technique you will ever use. In addition to this, search engine optimization has the ability to create client or customer loyalty; a loyal customer is a very good customer not just because he/she will spend more money at your business, but also because he/she will most likely recommend your business to other people. Another important thing to note is that when you start featuring on the 1st pages of Google every time a customer enters their search query related to your service or product, he/she will be encouraged to purchase from you again, hence improving the overall number of returning customers.

An SEO optimized site which is easy to use, compatible with tablet and mobile devices, and load fast, translates to much better conversions; this is because the visitors coming to your SEO optimized site are likely to become subscribers, customers or loyal visitors.
According to a recent survey, 35% of businesses said that search engine optimization brought in excellent results for the online marketing ROI (that is, return on investment). With an SEO optimized website, visitors or readers come to your site based on the tag(s) within your site for a purpose; either to purchase a product or request for a service. These visitors can eventually become loyal customers which lead to a better ROI.

Another great benefit of SEO to business owners is building brand awareness. When your website starts appearing on the 1st pages of the search engine results pages, your potential clients or customers are much more likely to trust and like your products, services or/and brand when searching for a particular term, than the other brands that do not have a solid or strong web presence. Therefore, any business owner who needs to build proper brand awareness needs to invest in search engine optimization, and gain the top search engine positions for the terms that are related to their particular business.